Why Auli Is Known For Its Snow Skiing

Located at the base of the Garhwal Himalayas, Auli is a top skiing destination for many because of its unspoiled environment. Auli skiing tour takes you through oak and coniferous forests with stunning views of some of the most famous mountain ranges in the world - The Himalayas. It is located 250 kilometre’s from Rishikesh, from where one can take transportation to reach Joshi math or Auli.

Auli is closed at dusk. With its glittering slopes located between 1917 to 3027 meters, Auli offers lots of opportunities for both beginner and experienced skiers. Winter Auli Snow Skiing in India provides skiers with an excellent skiing experience because of its great height. Out of all the ski resorts in India, Uttarakhand is the perfect place for skiers because it's high enough to get a good cover of snow during the winter season and low enough to be easily accessible for tourists.

You can enjoy cross-country skiing in Auli. The slopes are very high and it's a challenge for skiers to run a few kilometre’s. The wonderful thing about Auli is that the snow is fresh and powdery, like their 3-meter-deep snow layer from January to April. It's astounding by the international standard that the slope of Mount Auli is 3 km long with a drop in altitude of 500 meters.

Winter in Auli is the perfect time for skiing and snow sports. You can book a luxury resort in Auli, which is close to adventure attractions, like water sports, cable car rides, rope lifts, snowball fights, and more. Surrounded by snow-covered mountains and oak forests, the sprawling white valley is perfect for people of all ages. Don't forget to take a trek while you're there!

Auli is a mountainous township in the Garhwal region of India. The best part about it is that the snow and mountains are never far away, no matter what the weather is like. Take the Auli Ski Tour to ski on some snowy slopes, providing plenty of thrills for every skier. While you're at Auli, make sure you visit Lake Mana Sarovar, which has a cable car that connects Joshi math village with Gorson by a 4 kilometre’s (2.5 miles) long cableway system. This is one of the longest cable systems in Asia and provides an amazing panoramic view of the mountain peaks like Dunagiri, Kamet, and Nanda Devi Mountain.

One sport that brings out the adrenaline in any ski enthusiast is downhill skiing. Slipping on a pair of skiing boots, holding tightly to your skis, and trusting gravity to do the rest. Down the vast open spaces, snow-clad mountains, and winding slopes you'll travel feeling like a superhero. So, why are you delaying your plans? Go book a luxury hotel in Auli, start your car and visit this heavenly place to explore its beauty and enjoy adventure sports.