Top Reasons To Visit Auli - The Switzerland Of the Himalayas

The shining mountains bathed in the rays of the sun, the sheet of snow spread for miles, and the joy of playing on the white soft snow. There is no need to go to a faraway country to have such an adventure. If you want to enjoy winter sports then go to places like Auli, Manali, Shimla, etc. These are undoubtedly wonderful places for an adventurous holiday.

Auli, the Switzerland of the Himalayas

If you are fond of snow sports, then there is no better place than Auli located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. Tourists from all over the world are drawn here to enjoy skiing in the snow. The beauty of Auli is such that not only in winter, but there is a crowd of tourists here in every season. To stay in the best luxury resort in Auli and enjoy scenic beauty from all directions, you need to act fast. Whether it is a view of sunrise or sunset on the mountains covered with a white sheet of snow, Auli seems to be spreading different colors every hour. In such a situation, it becomes difficult to decide which color of this beauty is the most beautiful.

Can’t find better slopes than Auli:

16 km from Joshimath, three km at an altitude of 9500 to 10500 feet above sea level. The beautiful south-facing slopes covered with snow of Auli spread over the area. The thrill of skiing here on the deep slope of 1640 feet is hardly available anywhere else in the world. That's why the slopes of Auli are considered very suitable for skiers. You can book a hotel or resort in Joshimath to enjoy the place for a day or two.

Authorized for International Skiing Race:

This is the only place in Uttarakhand which is authorized by the Federation of International Skiing for Skiing Race. Although the national-level skiing championship was started in Auli only after the formation of the state of Uttarakhand in the year 2000, it got special recognition from the year 2011 SAIF Winter Games. During this, many skiing competitions were organized here. There is a 1300-meter-long and 40-meter-wide ski track for skiing.

Also, a training center for skiing:

Auli has a ski lift for the players and a special glass house for the spectators and judges. Skiing training is also provided in this snow sports center from January to March by Uttarakhand Tourism Department and Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam. It consists of a non-certificate course of seven days and a certificate course of 14 days. Apart from this, private institutes also provide training here. While learning to ski, one has to pay a small fee for equipment and training. This amount is spent on collecting the necessary things for the tourists to stay, eat and learn to ski.

Capture the camera 'Sleeping Beauty':

When the weather opens after the snowfall, the charm of 'Sleeping Beauty' of Auli mesmerizes everyone. The mountain right in front of Auli takes the shape of a lying girl when covered with snow. Tourists compete to see this scene and capture it in cameras. This is known as 'Sleeping Beauty'. So, if you were planning a trip to Auli, don’t delay it, this place has a lot to offer to you, so just make your final plans, book a hotel in Auli and come visit this majestic place covered in snow throughout the winter season.