How To Reach Auli Convincingly?

If you're in a hurry to book your next vacation and don't want to overthink it, the easiest way is to pick Auli. You may have noticed that planning your trip is easy thanks to the advancements of today's technology. The best aspect of this mountain resort town is the beautiful mountains and snow-covered peaks that peak out of the white blanket of snow. If you've been looking for a last-minute idea for your company retreat, this might be it! If you choose the road route, the most practical way is to take the Dehradun Shatabdi Express and arrive in Rishikesh in the early morning. You have to reach Joshimath, approximately 250 kilometers from Rishikesh on the journey to Badrinath, before evening.

You can explore Joshimath as well, which has plenty of scenic beauty to cherish. You can also book a hotel in Joshimath because it may take time to fully explore the incredible mountain peaks of Joshimath. The next day, you can begin your journey to Badrinath. As you get closer to Badrinath, you will see a change in the surroundings especially when you reach Kaudiyala. Badrinath is known for its ancient Shiva temple, but there is plenty to check out in this small yet highly significant town like the flower of valley. The place is surrounded by many beautiful flowers that will leave an amazing memory that will last in your mind for eternity. Around 200 kilometers from Badrinath, there are GMVN rest houses which are the perfect place for a quick stop for refreshments. A sticker will be attached to your car with "Auli" written on it as a memento of friendship. At Deoprayag you will find what is known as prayags, meeting points where a variety of rivers come together to form the river Ganga. The Bhagirathi and Alaknanda rivers here converge and the water is called Ganga. In between these prayags - Deoprayaga, Nandprayaga, Karnapryaga, and Rudraprayaga - there are plenty of opportunities to take breaks from your journey. Along the way, you'll come across scenic landscapes that include the valley of flowing waters on the Alaknanda. At Auli, you will reach the final destination of this trekking route.

If you're wondering how to reach Auli, you have plenty of opportunities. The nearest railway station is Rishikesh, approximately 250 km away. You can catch a bus or tourist vehicle from there and make sure to arrive by evening. Dera dun is the nearest airport (about 300km) and if you manage to get there by 4 PM, you can take the ropeway to Auli without any trouble. Ropeway service closes at 4 PM, so plan your trip accordingly! After enjoying all your favorite adventure sports, you can return to the hotel in Auli to rejuvenate yourself for the next time. Come and enjoy the paradise that welcomes you with open arms.